Qi wireless charging range extended to 40mm

The Qi wireless charging standard has been updated to allow for a longer distance between device and charging platform. This will make it easier for the platform to be integrated into various surfaces, including tabletops, furniture, and cars. The Wireless Power Consortium announced the updated Qi standard today, which now allows for a distance of 40mm, up from the previous 5mm.

Qi is the global standard for wireless power and charging and is an open and flexible platform. Any device that is Qi-enabled can be charged on any Qi charging surface, regardless of manufacturer. The standard is currently supported by more than 100 industry-leading companies and has been increasingly integrated into mobile phones in the US, Japan, China, and Europe.

The Wireless Power Consortium updates the Qi standard when improvements are proposed by its members and this time it's a new transmitter design using magnetic resonance technology that allows devices up to 5 Watts to be charged 40mm away from the charging surface. The new standard also allows for more transmitter designs, which offers more freedom for manufacturers, including options in device placement, magnetic and non-magnetic device alignment, and different power options, such as USB.

[via MarketWatch]