TCL MOVEAUDIO S200 is another AirPods clone for cheap

This morning TCL revealed a pair of "true wireless headphones" called MOVEAUDIO S200. These headphones will cost under 100 (Euro) and look shockingly similar to Apple's AirPods. This is a bit a bummer for those looking to TCL to differentiate from industrial design already in-play, given their leadership with products like ACTV wireless headphones and the incredibly wild colors of the wireless headphones called SOCL.

This TCL MOVEAUDIO S200 True Wireless headphones tech rolls with Bluetooth 5.0 and "dual-Bluetooth transmission" that TCL suggests will push low latency audio whether you're playing games or watching movies. This should remain true if you're using an Android phone or an iOS device, mind you.

The headphones / earbuds have an IP54 rating for water and dust. This means you'll be able to sweat on them and potentially let them sit outside of their case in your living room all day without worrying about particle ingress.

These TCL MOVEAUDIO S200 True Wireless headphones work with four built-in microphones that use beamforming technology for sound cancellation. They're also equipped with "smart wearing detection" tech that automatically plays or pauses audio when they detect you've inserted them into your ear or removed them from your ear.

Each of the earbuds is equipped with a touch pad so you'll be able to use gestures to control audio whilst on-the-go. TCL includes gesture controls for managing calls, music, volume, and both Google Assistant and Siri.

The TCL S200 True Wireless headphones have enough battery life to stay active for up to 3.5 hours on a single charge. If you're counting the amount of battery power stored in the included charging case, you'll have closer to 23 hours of active audio listening.

The TCL MOVEAUDIO S200 True Wireless headphones will be released for a price of approximately 99 Euro. The release date for the TCL MOVEAUDIO S200 True Wireless headphones is "at the end of the month" according to TCL – that'd be the last week of September, 2020, more than likely.