TB-303 DIY Clone Kit Is Waveform Perfect

Scrumptious.  That's what this is.  It's a DIY replica of the iconic Roland TB-303, with all the original transistors and op-amps, sold as a kit... only now you get a USB port for computer connectivity too.  Reverse-engineered by an obsessive German technician, each waveform and cycle sounds exactly the same as the original did.

"x0xb0x is available as a kit that includes all parts necessary to build a x0xb0x: PCB, case with CNC machined faceplate, components, buttons and knobs, AC adaptor, pre-programmed microcontroller, and (of course) poorly xeroxed assembly manual...You supply the sweat & tears" 

Perhaps the best thing is that all the schematics, parts lists and PCB files will be released into the public domain under the open-source licence, so that even when the kits are all sold enterprising people will still be able to build one of their own.

x0b0x [via XLR8R]