Tatung another to merge UMPC and WM5

The unstoppable force that is Steve over at The Carrypad UMPC Journal has posted some photos taken at Computex 2006 of yet another UMPC-wannabe that actually runs Windows Mobile 5.0 (like the HTC Athena).  Not much information beyond the manufacturer, Tatung, so the photos will have to satisfy us until CES.

They're causing some arguments in the blogosphere, these WM5 devices.  Yes, they're not officially Ultra-Mobile PCs in the Microsoft sense of the name, since they don't run the Tablet PC operating system, but while that limits their functionality in one sense it does mean that the extended battery life and "instant on" functionality is carried over from the Mobile OS.  Some road-warriors are saying that that's a reasonable compromise for them, while others see it as dilution of the brand.  I'd love to hear SlashGear's reader's opinions, so make yourself heard in the comments!

Adtecsys [via The Carrypad UMPC Journal]