Target joins Amazon in pulling hoverboards from shelves

Back to the Future promised us hoverboards by the year 2015. We did end up getting them, but in the most disappointing way. Specifically, the devices that people keep calling "hoverboards" don't actually hover at all. Oh, and they have a tendency to catch on fire. Recently Amazon stopped taking orders for the devices, citing safety concerns, and now another retailer is following suit.

If you go to Target's website and attempt to purchase one of Swagway's X1 hoverboards, you'll be sorely disappointed. Almost as disappointed as the dog that informs you that it's no longer there. The Razor Hovertrax are still being listed, however.

Target has said that Swagway has provided them with the proper information regarding their battery and charger safety standards. The company does intend to re-list the Swagway hoverboards at some point today.

While they're one of the hottest items for the holiday, parents might do well to avoid this one. They're already banned on US airlines, and in New York City. It seems like only a matter of time before they're banned elsewhere, as well.

VIA: Consumerist