Taping magnets to crocodiles could protect Florida residents

Florida state wildlife officials are taping magnets onto crocodiles, in an attempt to keep them out of residential areas.  The project aims to disrupt the crocodiles' natural homing instinct; usually, captured crocs will return to where they were caught, despite being relocated many miles away.

The magnets are believed to disrupt the internal navigation of the crocodile, and are only left in place during transportation.  It's already been tried several times during the past few weeks, after scientists in Mexico had success with a similar scheme there.

Crocodiles will apparently travel up to 10 miles per week to return to previous habitats, and after three reappearances will be moved into captivity.  Perhaps if this project doesn't work, they'll give the crocs iPhones and let them use GPS to find somewhere less residential.

[via Slashdot]