Tagg The Pet Tracker hands-on

When you've got a an animal that's either a dog or really similar to a dog, you know you want to keep track of them – or at least you want to be sure they're not running around your neighborhood like a maniac – that's where Tagg comes in. What we're looking at this week is the Tagg system, a pet tracker that sits on your dog's collar and transmits its signal wirelessly to your device's browser – see where that maniac is going, no problem!

This device is a purpose built GPS tracker when it comes down to it, whenever your dog goes outside the barrier you've made for it, it sending you a message via whatever device you've got attached to it. There are apps for Android and iOS for iPhone and you can get to this tracker through your web browser on any device that'll work with it. You can locate your animal in real time or start up a brand new tracker session.

This device is waterproof and is able to send a signal when its low on battery so you can be sure to plop it down in your charging station. For $99 you get the tracker and the docking station as well as one month of service. Each additional month of service is $7.95 for your one animal, then just 95 cents for each additional animal. Sound like a bit of magic you'd like to use?