T-Mobile's Shadow smartphone spotted

Oh HTC, is there no pie you haven't had your fingers in?  No sooner do we set eyes on these out-in-the-wild photos of the T-Mobile Shadow, all sliding keyboard and subtle, earthy tones, then we realise it's in fact HTC's Juno (or the HTC Phoebus, if you'd prefer).  Still, there are enough mysteries to make it interesting, including some controversy over whether it has a VGA screen or not; either way, the quality is apparently "remarkable".


Nestling in the middle of the control pad is a 4-way navigational button which doubles up as a page scroller, there are rubbery grips around the edges and what might be either a 2 or 3-megapixel camera around the back (but we're leaning to 2).

A couple of commenters with hands-on experience are singing the Shadow's praises, and from an aesthetic point of view it looks a decent (if dusty in this setting!) handset.  Follow the link to check out the Boy Genius' full gallery.

T-Mobile Shadow in the concrete jungle! [Boy Genius]