T-Mobile's latest move simplifies your bill, credits you for low data usage

T-Mobile is once again making a move to differentiate itself from the rest of the big carriers in the US. The latest addition to its Uncarrier initiative may not be as attention grabbing as something like DIGITS was when it was revealed last month, but it's still a consumer-friendly move. Later on this month, new customers signing up for T-Mobile's ONE plan will find that their monthly bill is a lot less crowded than bills from the other carriers.

That's because you'll no longer see taxes and fees listed on your bill. T-Mobile obviously can't get rid of taxes, but what it will begin doing is rolling those into the stated price of your plan. This will come as a welcome addition to anyone who has even been pitched one price in-store or online, only to later find that their bill comes in higher than that price thanks to service fees and taxes.

This will begin on January 22nd for all new T-Mobile customers signing up for the T-Mobile ONE plan. Not coincidentally, it's after this date that new customers will only be able to sign up for the ONE plan on postpaid accounts. As always, you'll be able to keep your current plan if you're an existing customer, though it's pretty clear that T-Mobile wants you to hop over to the ONE plan.

As revealed back in August, the ONE plan offers unlimited data for every line on the account, with a monthly bill that depends on how many lines you have. For instance, a single line on T-Mobile's ONE plan will set you back $70 per month. Adding a second will increase that to $120, while a third line brings it up another $20. Additional lines after that add another $20 each, but it should be noted that these prices also include a $5 AutoPay credit for each line.

Also announced today was a new credit program called "Kickback" for the ONE plan. In months where you use less than 2GB of data, you'll get a $10 credit on your next bill "per qualifying line." Therefore, if you're not much of a data user, you might be able to save some cash on your bill each month once Kickback is implemented.

So, while the new features T-Mobile announced today aren't exactly Earth-shattering, they should do something to reduce "fee face," as T-Mobile calls it. Hopefully the other carriers follow suit in this regard, because being pitched one price only to discover that fees and taxes make your bill much higher than you were expecting is not a fun experience. Have a look at our CES 2017 hub for more from Las Vegas!