T-Mobile "Zero Down" deal broken down: initial thrift at what cost?

Having a deal such as the one T-Mobile is running starting this month, one that offers smart devices for "zero down" before charging a certain amount of cash each month should raise red flags for the average consumer. It did for SlashGear, and here we're going in to take a closer look at a few key devices – and their prices – before and after that discount takes effect. What this means for the consumer is more than just one cost here or there; it's about clarity.

With T-Mobile's newest plan, you'll not simply see the first initial cost of a smartphone cut out, followed by the rest of your purchase taking place the same as it would otherwise. On the contrary – some of these phones have their monthly payment plans increased (that's for the device, mind you, not the data), while others actually do have JUST the up front cost cut out.

The Samsung Galaxy S III, before this Zero Down plan takes effect, will cost a new customer with T-Mobile $49.99 up front followed by $20 per month for 24 months, this ending up costing $529.99 USD total. With Zero Down in effect, the Galaxy S III costs $0 up front and $22 per month for 24 months, ending up costing $528 USD. A whole dollar and 99 cents savings!

The Galaxy S 4 costs $149 + $20 x 24 or $629.99, this compares to the Zero Down plan cost of $25 per month for 24 months which ends up ringing in at $600 USD. The iPhone 5 (only available in 16GB on this plan) is either $649.99 without the plan or $648 with, and the HTC One will cost you either $649.99 without the plan or $600 with.

Sony's Xperia Z will cost you $579.99 with the normal $99.99 + $20 x 24 months or, with the Zero Down deal, you'll get the device for $25 x 24 months = $600. That's a price increase.

Be sure to check your numbers. The full Zero Down price chart straight from T-Mobile is included below, while T-Mobile's prices (as highlighted in the Xperia Z image above) are listed plainly on T-Mobile's site. Add it up!