T-Mobile will sell a limited edition 5G-inspired gin starting tomorrow

T-Mobile is the latest company to launch a promotional limited edition alcohol product, though it is going with liquor instead of wine. The new product, which will be available to purchase starting tomorrow, is named after 5G as a way to promote the Uncarrier's fastest mobile network. Appropriately, the liquor is called '5Gin.'READ: Taco Bell boasts 'mind-boggling' demand for Jalapeño Noir wine

The new gin offering is unmistakeably a T-Mobile product — it includes multiple interactions of the company's logo, as well as the familiar magenta color and even the phrase "Ultra Capacity." 5Gin is a 94 proof beverage sold in a 750ml bottle.

The liquor is made from a corn-based spirit, offering consumers "piney notes and a long citrus peppery finish," according to the company. The alcohol was produced by the Heritage Distilling Company and will only be made available in a limited quantity.

If you want to get a bottle of 5Gin for yourself, you'll need to head over to the dedicated website T-Mobile set up for this promotion. Sales will start on June 24 at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET with T-Mobile saying that it expects the limited inventory will sell out quickly.

Also arriving tomorrow will be the "T-Mobile Extended Range 5Ginger Beer," a limited-edition beer product that likewise promotes the carrier's 5G network. It's unclear at the moment how many units are available and what each product will cost.