T-Mobile USA HTC HD2 launch gets video evidence

Satsuki Then - Dec 22, 2009, 11:42 am CST
T-Mobile USA HTC HD2 launch gets video evidence

The mention of T-Mobile USA in various HD2 ROM entries seems pretty conclusive evidence that the GSM carrier is getting the HTC smartphone, but if you want more proof how about one of their splash screens?  HDBlog.it have shot a video demo of the latest leaked 2.01 ROM for the Snapdragon-based device, and T-Mobile’s “Stick Together” slogan is clearly shown.

Video demo after the cut

The new ROM also brings with it live document previews in a new tab, and the music library gets a UI make-over.  According to the previous rumors, T-Mobile USA will get the HD2 in March 2010, though so far HTC themselves have only committed to a “major carrier” in early 2010.  Check out our review of the HTC HD2 here.

[via BGR]

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