T-Mobile UK sets sights on home broadband with HSDPA alternative

The thought of replacing my home broadband with a cellular alternative has never really occurred to me, not least because even HSDPA speeds pale in comparison to what you can currently get with ADSL or cable.  Yet T-Mobile UK are hoping to muscle in on the competitive home market, apparently, with their USB modem boasting 1.8Mbps for a £29 monthly fee ($58)

The modem puck itself is nothing special, being yet another rebadged generic, but the prices mark a new low in the UK market.  Free with an 18-month contract (or £30 with  12-months), the only downer is potentially patchy coverage and the inevitable usage limits.

Hopefully we'll be able to bring you a review of the T-Mobile service sometime soon.

T-Mobile [via jkontherun]