T-Mobile UK iPhone 4 pricing revealed

Chris Davies - Jul 8, 2010, 7:17am CDT
T-Mobile UK iPhone 4 pricing revealed

T-Mobile UK has finally got around to announcing its iPhone 4 pricing, and as we’ve seen with other carriers you’ll need to opt for their most expensive, £60 ($91) per month plan if you want a free handset.  Available both on pre-pay and post-pay contracts, the iPhone 4 16GB is £499 ($756) if you want to pay-as-you-go, or £259 ($392) on the cheapest, £25 ($38) per month two-year agreement.

Full pricing after the cut

As for data, it’s 500MB across the range of £25 to £40 per month plans – with various amounts of inclusive SMS and voice minutes – then 750MB on the £45 per month plan and 1GB on the £60 per month plan.  You also get what T-Mobile call a “flexible booster”, which is a selectable perk – like more internet allowance, more SMS/voice minutes, or overseas use – that can be changed every 30 days.

The pre-pay T-Mobile iPhone 4 deal includes 12 months free internet (with, we’re guessing, a fair use policy in place).  For more on the iPhone 4 itself, check out SlashGear Roots.

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