T-Mobile SyncUP TRACKER device rides the AirTag wave

It would appear that T-Mobile USA is ready to roll with a tracker device that'll do battle with Apple's AirTag and Tile. T-Mobile revealed the SyncUP TRACKER this week with connectivity to the T-Mobile LTE network. The device is tracked with an app on Android and iOS devices, and does not need to be within a specific range of a smartphone to work.

The SyncUP TRACKER works with a combination of GPS and cellular data (LTE) for location tracking. So you'll need to be in an area (likely the USA) for tracking with GPS to work. SyncUP TRACKER does not work with Bluetooth.

There's a rechargeable battery inside the SyncUP TRACKER, which is both good and bad news. It's good news because you do not need to replace the battery, you'll only need to recharge it once it's run out of power. The bad news is that "battery life will depend on how the product is used," and a single charge will last "up to 7 days."

The device itself (the hardware) will cost you approximately $60, total. You'll also need to pay for data with the device, with a starting price of around $5 per month. T-Mobile will allow you to split your payment up over 24 months for the device, so you'll be paying $2.50 per month for each device, plus at least $5 per month per device for data.

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