T-Mobile Sprint coverage merge: Has your service changed?

T-Mobile USA and Sprint received approval for their merger after months of negotiations and legal hurdles, now they're combining their companies in practice. It's now been several weeks since the merger was closed officially, and today T-Mobile USA enumerated the ways in which the two companies are providing services to one-another's customers out in the wild. This begins with "broad and deep 5G" in parts of Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia update to 5G service for T-Mobile USA and Sprint includes 2.5Ghz "mid-band" spectrum, and it'll be coming to "parts of" New York City soon. Per a T-Mobile USA representative, "Customers in New York will be the first to have access to low-band, mid-band and mmWave 5G."

More 5G coverage was announced from the T-Mobile USA / Sprint team with the "lighting up" of Detroit, St. Louis, and Columbus, Ohio. LTE coverage for Sprint was increased significantly by this merger right out the gate. T-Mobile USA-provided LTE roaming service was given to "millions of Sprint customers" in the last few weeks.

Sprint will soon be able to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G with access to T-Mobile's 5G coverage in the USA. T-Mobile USA will also be carrying the OnePlus 8 5G starting on April 29th for T-Mobile USA 5G across the United States.

Above you'll see an announcement with much of the information above, as made by Neville Ray, T-Mobile President of Technology. Take a peek at the timeline below for additional information on the T-Mobile USA / Sprint merger, and what it'll mean for customers such as yourself.

Do you use a Sprint or T-Mobile USA smartphone or tablet? Have you noticed a change in service over the past few weeks? Let us know!