T-Mobile Project Dark unlimited plan rumors get leaky boost

T-Mobile's mysterious plan-in-process Project Dark has been churning the rumor bins for a while now, and this seemingly leaked promo image is doing nothing to challenge that.  An unusually coy TmoNews received the shot from an unnamed source, and it seems to suggest that – Project Dark or otherwise – a new, unlimited plan is in the works.

Of course, the idea of Project Dark indeed being a new, cheaper monthly plan with all-inclusive voice, SMS, MMS and data is nothing new.  We were talking about the vaunted $50/month price possibility earlier this week in fact, which prompted a little discussion in the comments about whether the tech community – always hungry for the Next Big Thing – were somewhat myopic in dismissing the possibility.

Don't get us wrong, cheaper service is never something we'll argue with, and T-Mobile certainly need some help when it comes to climbing the ranks of US carriers.  We just hope that the hype mill doesn't mean the final result is too much of an anticlimax.