T-Mobile Project Black only a discounted wireless rate?

Last week rumors and scuttlebutt started popping up that perennial fourth place wireless provider T-Mobile had a new trick up its sleeve that would shoot it into third place passing Sprint. Exactly what the cryptic Project Black (or Project Dark as it's also known) was and still is unknown.Boy Genius Report has received some admittedly unsubstantiated info that points to the devious plan to pass Sprint being nothing more than new clothes for the retail workers and a new rate plan. Seriously, black shirts, gray pants and a discount wireless rate is the plan to oust Sprint from the third spot? Just wait a few more weeks and Sprint will likely oust itself from the spot.

The new cut-rate plan is a $50 unlimited plan including voice, SMS, MMS, and data. It will be called the Everything Unlimited plans and the goal is to grab the low cost shoppers from other carriers. I'm sorry T-Mobile, you really need more than this if you want to run with the big dogs. How about a wireless network that actually covers areas outside of a big city; that would be a great start and go further towards getting you more customers. Not that $50 unlimited isn't cool, I just don't think it is enough.