T-Mobile Project Dark "Even More" & "Even More Plus" plans confirmed

Remember T-Mobile Project Dark and the leaked shots purporting to be new price plans for the US carrier?  Well, now there's official confirmation of the new contract and non-contract packages, hoping to lure those looking only for heavy upfront subsidies to a non-contract plan with equipment payments by installments.  The new T-Mobile Even More and Even More Plus plans kick off at $59 and $49 respectively, the former offering the more traditional device subsidy along with a two-year agreement, while the latter does without both the subsidy and the contract.

In both cases, you can step up through the tariff levels to an unlimited voice/message/data package, with Even More costing you $99 per month and Even More Plus coming in twenty bucks under that, at $79 per month.  As for the 0-percent APR interest installments offering, that's called FlexPay and is offered to both Even More and Even More Plus subscribers; obviously with the former the initial phone cost is less, and as such you'll be done paying after four months compared to 20 months for the unsubsidized Even More Plus handsets.

Each plan comes with a Family variant as well, and we're assuming you can bring your old phone with you to Even More Plus and in effect get the inclusive benefits of a monthly contract with the ability to walk away at any time that you'd get with a pre-pay device.  Full details about the new price plans here, but for FlexPay information you'll have to stop by your local T-Mobile store.