T-Mobile Press Event Invites Tease G2x and G-Slate

We're the recipients of a press event invite that no less than tells us what's going to be inside, both the T-Mobile G2x and the LG G-Slate. These are two devices that are sure to blast forth from the edifice of Android and fall directly into the homes of thousands and millions of homes across America, creating enjoyment for those who receive them. We've had looks at both devices in one way or another in the past, and here we're sure to get yet another.

Also inside this event will be a couple of musical groups, one of them called Dev and the Cataracs, the other by the name of DJ Chachi. Without a doubt this event is set to totally relax us in the sun with fine drinks and snacks, right? No way, man! We're going to be scrambling with super authoritative skill to get you all the details you need to be informed first! Then YOU can do the relaxing for us.

What we'll be seeing, again, if you're not familiar with these devices, is the LG G-Slate and the T-Mobile G2x. To see information on either of those devices, simply click their name and you'll be brought to a portal with all the information we've got on either. Quickly though, one of the most important factoids about both is that they're packed with NVIDIA's Tegra 2 dual-core processor. That's tight!

Seeya there!