T-Mobile Nexus S Finally Gets Google Talk Video Chat Over 3G/4G

Google Talk and Apple FaceTime both offer nice video calling services, but they differ in that FaceTime requires a Wi-Fi connection to work. Google's offering was more ideal, but it didn't quite pan out for T-Mobile customers. Since its launch back in May, Nexus S owners with the carrier have not been able to video chat over the cellular network. Well, that has changed today.

The video chat feature was first introduced in May for Android 2.3.4 devices, which meant the Google Nexus S. Owners of the device on the WiMAX network had no problem using the feature on their cellular networks, but for unspecified reasons, the service would not work on T-Mobile. T-Mobile Nexus S owners still had to rely on a Wi-Fi network in order to video chat.

Today, T-Mobile seems to have finally enabled the PSP mode needed for Google Talk's video chat service to work over the carrier's cellular network. It's not clear what the original problem was, but after a month's delay, the service is finally now working over the carriers 3G and 4G HSPA+ networks.

Other video chat alternatives that we've talked about recently include the Fring 4-way video calling app that works across all platforms. It recently had an update optimized for the larger iPad interface. Skype also recently launched an update designed for the iPad. And just today, the launch of Google+ promises more group multi-person video chatting possibilities to come.

[via PhoneArena]