T-Mobile Magenta MAX promises unlimited data plan with no small print

T-Mobile has launched a new plan where unlimited actually does mean unlimited, with Magenta MAX promising no caps on 4G or 5G data. It's an unusual move for an industry which had in recent years tended to require plenty of small print to explain just why your "unlimited" service actually had plenty of caveats and limits.

That's because, the carriers had discovered, when you promise unlimited service to people they actually start using it. "Fair use" terms put pay to that, with qualifiers that those who were responsible for the most data use could end up seeing their service throttled.

With T-Mobile Magenta MAX, however, that's not the case. It includes unlimited voice and messaging, along with unlimited "Premium Data" on both the carrier's 4G and 5G networks. "That means you can't be slowed down based on how much you use," T-Mobile insists. 40GB of mobile hotspot data is included, too, with unlimited 3G-speed tethering after that.

There's also up to Ultra HD 4K unlimited video streaming along with Netflix on Us, now on both single lines and family plans. Magenta MAX also includes unlimited Gogo in-flight WiFi and texting, free texting and data in 210 countries and destinations, and unlimited talk, text, and data in Mexico and Canada with up to 5GB of high-speed data.

Meanwhile, the T-Mobile Magenta plan is doubling up on data, from 50GB to 100GB. It's also increasing the amount of high-speed mobile hotspot data you get from 3GB to 5GB. Magenta is priced at $70/line per month with autopay, including taxes and fees. Figure on $5/mo more if you don't opt for autopay, or $40/line if you sign up for three.

As for those signing up to three lines of Magenta MAX, with autopay, and taxes and fees included, you're looking at $57 per line, per month. T-Mobile is running a launch promo that brings that down to $47/mo per line, however, for a limited period. A single line will be $85/mo, while two lines will be $70/mo each. You'll be able to sign up from February 24, 2020.