T-Mobile launched Samsung Beat

We should have a full review up soon, [Edit: review is now up] but just to let you know, T-Mobile is launching the Samsung Beat music phone today. How do I know it's a music phone? Well mainly because of the name, but then you factor in the iPod-like click-wheel looking interface on the front and that's a good hint.

Furthermore there is the support for several audio formats and codecs, oh, and it comes with a 1GB microSD card, which I am assuming isn't for you to store a few hundred thousand contacts on. It will support up to 2GB of flash memory if you require more storage space for your tunes.

There is also a 1.3MP cam that can do still and video. There is no wifi, and it will cost you $99.99 with a 2-year contract, and yes, its myFaves compatible.

T-Mobile launches the Samsung Beat [via The Boy Genius Report]