T-Mobile is now luring Verizon customers

The US carrier with the most outspoken CEO is now training its crosshairs on Big Red. After having painted AT&T as its rival and targeting it for most of its marketing campaigns, T-Mobile is now turning its attention to Verizon with a new "Never Settle" campaign. Associations with OnePlus' slogan aside, T-Mobile's proposal to Verizon subscribers is very simple. Try out T-Mobile for two weeks and if you don't like it, just hand back your T-Mobile phone and go back to your old life. If you do want to switch, however, T-Mobile will take care of you.

Taking care of you here practically means T-Mobile will pay off any remaining device payments as well as those dreaded Early Termination Fees or ETFs, up to $650 max. Of course, this isn't the first time T-Mobile has advertised that it is willing to pay off your ETFs, but this is definitely the first time that it has specifically called out Verizon customers in a concentrated and targeted marketing campaign.

We don't know if OnePlus has any legal recourse over T-Mobile's use of their slogan, but T-Mobile is quick to append "for Verizon" to it anyway. The carrier has been very aggressive about poaching its rivals' subscribers, all the while claiming that its Un-carrier ways dictates that it won't be hard to break free of T-Mobile if one chooses to do so. Of course, carriers trying to "convince" rivals' customers is nothing new, but CEO John Legere has a penchant for ruffling its competitors feathers all the time.

This #NeverSettleForVerizon won't be a permanent arrangement, however. At least not yet. The campaign kicks off on May 13 and Verizon subscribers have up to May 31 to join. They will have to agree to bring their Verizon number to T-Mobile, however, and will naturally be using a T-Mobile device. If they choose to leave at the end of the two weeks, T-Mobile promises the subscriber will have to pay nothing.

VIA: Re/code