T-Mobile holding launch event on April 21st

Wow. April 21st is going to be a busy day! First, we have the official announcement from Bluetooth SIG about Bluetooth 3.0 schedule for that day and now T-Mobile is holding a private launch event, too. Interesting. Very interesting, indeed.

I mean, it could be just about anything, couldn't it? Well, maybe not anything but there are quite a few possibilities. The latest Sidekick just got official at the FCC, so maybe that will launch? Maybe it'll be the HTC Magic? Is this going to be a Cupcake launch?

See, there are just too many possibilities. And of course, it could be all of these things. Now, wouldn't that blow your mind? I'd put my money on a G2 announcement, though, but we'd love to hear what you guys think. What does T-Mobile have up their sleeves?