T-Mobile Galaxy S5 pre-orders underway

There are hoards of Android users out there that are looking forward to getting their hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone. Pre-orders for the device have started at most all carriers, including T-Mobile. We have already talked about some of T-Mobile's Galaxy S5 offers in the past.

T-Mobile has now announced that those who pre-order by March 31 are guaranteed to be one of the first to get the Galaxy S5. We mentioned before that the 16GB Galaxy S5 smartphone would be available at T-Mobile at a price of $27.50 monthly with no money down.

That is a 24-month payment plan on the smartphone and if you cancel your service in that 24-month period, you will need to pay for the smartphone in full. Another bit of good news for those looking to move to T-Mobile is that the company is paying your ETF fees.

Customers changing a line from another carrier to T-Mobile will be able to get a credit of up to $650 per line. The way that credit breaks down is up to $350 for your ETF and up to $300 trade in for your device from the other carrier. T-Mo will cover that payout for up to five lines of service. Be sure and check out the unboxing video above if you want more Galaxy S5 action.

SOURCE: Android Community