T-Mobile G1 first user review at AndroidCommunity.com

Over at AndroidCommunity the first user review of the T-Mobile G1 smartphone has been posted.  The G1, which officially launches on October 22nd, is in the hands of forum-member Kaziko, and he's been giving his first impressions of the touchscreen device as well as answering questions on its capabilities. 

The G1 Kaziko is using is apparently a pre-production handset, albeit one very close to final build if the contents of the box are to go by.  He describes it as "a Sidekick on steroids", with solid build, good call quality and a highly-usable QWERTY keyboard (which is just as well, as there's no on-screen keyboard alternative).

What cause for concern relates to the software.  Kaziko reports some app "stutter" as they start, and the handset has required the occasional reboot to fix what he believes to be a memory leak.  Hopefully all that will be tweaked away by the time the production G1 reaches customers.

More details, and links to the forum to get involved and ask your own pre-launch questions, at AndroidCommunity.