T-Mobile Doubles Family Plans, Eases Tablet Add-Ons

T-Mobile USA is expanding its family plans and allowing Simple Choice subscribers to add a tablet to their plans, as the carrier continues its aggressive price war. The changes mean that family plans will now support up to ten lines, rather than the five of before, which T-Mobile says comes after requests from larger families and small businesses.

After the second line is added, subsequent lines can be included in the plan for $10 apiece. Each can be given unlimited 4G LTE data, meanwhile, for $30 per line.

Normally, a Simple Choice family plan would include unlimited calls and texts, and access to a shared 1GB of data.

As for tablets, as of September 3rd there'll be the option to add an LTE tablet to a postpaid Simple Choice plan. Priced at $10 per month, it will also get the same amount of data as the smartphone did – up to 5GB -

on September 3, consumers can add a tablet to their postpaid Simple Choice phone plan for just $10, and we'll match your smartphone data plan on that tablet, up to 5 GB of LTE. So a consumer with a 5 GB Simple Choice plan can get a connected tablet with 5 GB of LTE data for just an additional $10 a month.

Yesterday, T-Mobile announced an update to its Simple Starter plan, offering subscribers the option to bump LTE data from 500MB to 2GB for $5 more per month.

It's worth noting that this new tablet data option is described by T-Mobile as being a limited offer, so probably best to jump in now if it's something you're interested in.