T-Mobile data breach spills personal data in bulk

This week a T-Mobile data breach appears to have spilled the personal data of millions of user across the USA. This breach involved T-Mobile server data that included an array of personal information for T-Mobile customers of all sorts. Data includes names, social security numbers, drivers license info, IMEI numbers, phone numbers, and physical addresses.

Per the report on Vice, the hackers responsible for the breach broke through T-Mobile security and downloaded massive amounts of data. Hackers suggested they "compromised multiple servers related to T-Mobile." Hackers are attempting to sell part of the full data including 30 million social security numbers and drivers licenses for a price of 6 Bitcoin.

T-Mobile has acknowledged the claims of the breach and have suggested that they are "actively investigating their validity." It's suggested by the original hacker claims that 100 million users are included in their downloaded data.

T-Mobile also had a significant data breach in January of 2021. That breach exposed phone numbers and call records in the thousands. A report in November of 2019 showed a T-Mobile security breach that affected only prepaid customers. You might want to take a peek at a recent Volkswagen data breach that occurred this Summer – that affected 3.3 million customers.

As is generally the case, you can head over to Have I Been Pwned to see if you are part of any data breach in the past several years. At this time the T-Mobile breach claimed this week has not been added to the collection, so you might not know if you've been pwned until that database is in the mix. There's a pretty good chance every single person reading this article has been affected by a data breach in the last few years, since the biggest data breach of all time back in January of 2019. It seems like they... just keep happening!