T-Mobile BlackBerry 10 Handsets May Soon Be 'Direct Ship' Only

Another day and another bit about how BlackBerry is suffering. This latest deals with BlackBerry 10 and T-Mobile and assuming this all plays out as the rumors are suggesting — it looks like the carrier may soon begin pushing the Z10 and Q10 smartphones to the side. Coming by way of the CrackBerry user forums, one T-Mobile employee is telling a story about how the carrier is moving BlackBerry 10 devices to direct ship.

More to the point, direct ship only. The employee goes by the name Dierre and is said to be located in Ohio. We have yet to see anything official from T-Mobile backing up these claims but the employee had this to say;

"My manager told me the other day that all blackberry 10 devices will now be only available via direct ship. I work at a corporate store in Cleveland I have to go check the Email but I'm not sure if this has just affected NorthEast Ohio."

As mentioned, this could be a regional issue. Or even an issue that will deal with select markets with Ohio happening to be one of those regions. Other T-Mobile reps from outside the Ohio area have also begun telling similar stories about how the carrier will move BlackBerry 10 sales to direct ship only.

Basically, it is looking like T-Mobile will continue to have BlackBerry 10 devices available, but only for those who come in looking and are willing to wait for delivery. This also suggests the carrier is not seeing all that much in terms of BlackBerry 10 device sales. That all being said, this is looking like it is just another bit of bad news for BlackBerry in general. Of course, that seems to be the pattern lately.

Looking back towards the end of August and we saw BlackBerry 10 lose the upgrade commitment it once had from Morgan Stanley. According to details with that, it is looking like the company will be sticking with BlackBerry 7. Though Morgan Stanley hasn't offered a confirmation, this is just one tiny bit of bad news for the company. They also recently posted an $84 million loss. Needless to say, it doesn't appear as if BlackBerry is ready to call it quits just yet.

In fact, recent comments from BlackBerry director Bert Nordberg brought talk about how he believes the company can survive as a niche player in the smartphone market.

VIA: WMPoweruser