T-Mobile announces mysterious new site called “The Underground”

Nate Swanner - Jun 5, 2014
T-Mobile announces mysterious new site called “The Underground”

T-Mobile has a curious new program for us. Via Google+, we find T-Mobile bragging up an exclusive club of sorts, with “limited-stock devices and accessories reserved for true enthusiasts”. Called The Underground, T-Mobile seems to want to create an avenue for oddball devices to make their way to the tech-hungry minority.

Details on the program are light, with little more than a landing page showing right now. From the looks of it, one of the first offerings will be a gold Samsung Galaxy S5. It’s the only device or accessory shown, so we’re not quite sure what T-Mobile’s aim is just yet.

Are we getting an auction site for limited edition stuff? Specially made devices and other accessories? A new community for tech enthusiasts? It could be all of the above. T-Mobile says The Underground will let us “shop exclusive and performance-centric devices reserved for the true enthusiast–plus get news and reviews from the tech literati.”

We see this move done to some success elsewhere, with various clothing websites offering unique styles up for grabs during a limited timeframe. The difference there is that a piece of clothing often doesn’t hit $600 or more. It’s also unique because T-Mobile spent so much time endearing themselves to the everyman, and now there seems to be some exclusivity to the Uncarrier.

It will be interesting to see what T-Mobile has up their sleeve, especially as we get ready for their Uncarrier 5.0 event in Los Angeles. If all they can muster for a launch is a gold Galaxy S5, though, they may put off more “true enthusiasts” than they attract.

Source: T-Mobile, Google+

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