SYNEK envisions KEURIG dispenser for beer

Chris Burns - Jul 1, 2014
SYNEK envisions KEURIG dispenser for beer

SYNEK is “the world’s first portable tap house”, a dispenser of beer made to allow you access to a pint in a glass whenever you wish it. It’s time for craft beer in a glass, made to eliminate the middle-man between you and an “unlimited” selection of beer flavors and makes. Bottling and canning beer is something SYNEK hopes to make a thing of the past.

The system begins with you filling a cartridge of beer* from a holding tank, from a tap, or from a keg. You’ll need access to one or all three of these in order to get the beer int he first place. SYNEK doesn’t make the beer, it mostly just preserves it for later access.

*This cartage is the size of approximately two growlers.


This solution is made for home brewers, craft brewers, and everyone in-between. It’s made for larger companies that want to take advantage of the new system and for those that make beer at home, hoping to keep it in a dispenser rather than having to put it in bottles, one by one.

Above you’ll see a demonstration of the SYNEK draft system in full effect. Watching all the way to the end will result in watching bananas thrown at the narrator. The full KickStarter project suggests you’ll be paying $299 USD for the honor of owning one of the first SYNEK systems in the world. Make certain you understand the implications, and make with the variety.


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