Switchblade Controller For Gamers With Handicaps Debuts And It's Not From Razer

There has been talk lately of the Switchblade, the gaming notebook from Razer that looks really cool. This Switchblade I am talking about isn't a gaming notebook or from Razer. This is a concept controller that is made just for gamers that have some sort of disability. The controlled looks very complex, is from the company called AbleGamers, and is in the Adroit line.

The big black box is a controller with 19 ports that you can stick buttons, control sticks, rumble packs, and other gear into to make a custom gaming configuration. The device comes with dual joysticks. There are other configurations too that will allow movement, even if those are buttons rather than a stick or d-Pad.

Each of the ports can also be programmed with macros to perform complex commands with a single press. The controller is made for the Xbox 360 system. Gamers on the PC or PS3 can buy adapters to allow it to work with those systems too.

[via Joystiq]