SwiftKey X update adds multitouch for faster fingers

SwiftKey X and SwiftKey Tablet X has been updated, with the predictive Android keyboard alternative now taking advantage of multitouch for faster typing. Meanwhile, there's new language and keyboard layout support – up to 35 languages in total now – including the ability to quickly change between up to three different layouts by sliding the spacebar.

Arabic and Hebrew are the new languages, while there's also full language localization for Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. SwiftKey has also thrown in a number of new keyboard layouts, including DVORAK and COLEMAK in this version, and you can change the key heights to suit what phone or tablet you're using SwiftKey X on, and the size of your fingers.

Finally, the actual prediction engine running inside the app, Fluency, has also been tweaked, with the promise being improved performance and faster corrections. You can download SwiftKey X here and SwiftKey Tablet X here.