SwiftKey Note arrives with Evernote in tow

Ever the keyboard app-creating developers looking for another road into the iOS world of typing, SwiftKey has revealed an app called SwiftKey Note today, ready for one-shot saving of ideas. This app allows the user to work with SwiftKey's quick-type keyboard with all its various powers alongside full inclusion with Evernote account authorization.

This release works with SwiftKey's own word prediction engine. This means that while you'll recognize the sort of layout here, SwiftKey's own powers are at work guessing what you'll be typing next. We've gone so far as to type entire sentences without needing to type more than a couple of letters, believe it or not.

Working direct with Evernote means that this note-taking app is able to sync with every other iteration of Evernote you've got powered up. A note saved in one place is a note accessed in another, as it always is with Evernote. This app also allows you to sync your notes in the background when you're not working with it directly with the use of Push Notifications.

You'll also recognize the keyboard here rather readily. SwiftKey opts to continue working with the familiar iOS 7-looking keyboard in this case, allowing you all the additional SwiftKey oddities as it does so. This includes bits like swiping left to format your text and working with quick periods by double-tapping the spacebar.

This app is out with the Apple mobile app store for iPhone and iPad and iPod touch now, and it's available for free. Have a peek!