SwiftKey Neural Alpha predicts what you'll type

The SwiftKey family of keyboards for Android and iOS have been using software to predict your next word for several years now – today they go a step further. While previous generations of SwiftKey's keyboards began by predicting words only once they'd been partially typed, This keyboard takes the idea and expands upon it, using artificial neural networks to predict the next word in the sentence you're in the middle of. An early version of this functionality can be found in SwiftKey's most current standard keyboard.

This keyboard works with deep learning techniques to understand word similarity and analyze sentence content. As the app begins to understand the sentence you're forming – even from the first word onward – it begins to form a theory for what'll come next. This app understands complex word relationships and makes your typing have the potential to be quicker than on any other platform.

Dependent on how normal or average you speak or type, of course. If you intentionally attempt to think of sentences that are abnormal or disjointed, you'll be out of luck.

When you do try this app out, you'll want to make sure you understand that it is an experimental alpha project from SwiftKey Greenhouse. That means that no support or fixes – or even basic updates – are guaranteed. You'll use it at your own risk, where the risk is you get an app that doesn't get updated and might not work a few months down the road – not too bad.

This app is optimized for Android 4.4 (KitKat) and above. At this time the keyboard only supports US-centric English. Have a peek at the app with your Android device via the Google Play app store.