Swift to simplify iOS app development

At WWDC, Apple just hit the world with a bomb. Though Objective C is still around, Apple has created a new language they call Swift, meant to make app development quicker, easier, and more intuitive. The changes should make it easier for Developers to create great apps quickly, and push them to market faster than ever.

Swift acts like a simplified version of Objective C, where object classes become simpler, and code is streamlined. With Swift, Developers get the same runtime environment as Objective C, too, so it's still familiar and easy to manage.

In addition to a simpler and more streamlined method for app creation, the X Code runtime is realized in real-time for Swift. Writing a line of code will bring up results in real-time, and images can also be viewed from within the IDE. X Code will also render scenarios for in-app performance, so you can better manage an app ahead of bogging stacks down.

By offering up simpler code and a more intuitive IDE, Apple has streamlined the app creation process. Though Objective C is effectively being replaced, Swift will work seamlessly with it, so existing apps can be updated using Swift. Developers may also be able to use the same Objective C goodies they have been.

As WWDC continues, so do we. We're on the ground at Moscone West, bringing you all the news and updated Apple is launching in our direction. It's been a busy keynote, and the week doesn't look like it will be boring. Be sure to tag our Apple portal, and check back often for all your updates!

Update: If you're interested in learning more, Apple has released an iBook about Swift development.