Sweet Nothings

I know any of you who have had a female in your life have heard that dreaded line. "I don't want anything." Be it for their birthday, holidays, whatever, at some point or another they say it. Then you are left with that horrible decision, do you listen or do you ignore it.

Generally ignore them; however, there is that occasional time when they actually mean it. I make a point not to say that. I will occasionally say don't buy me much, but I never want to be "that girl" so, I don't say it at all. Then again I'm not your average female, which should be obvious because I write for a tech site.

Now there is a solution to this age old predicament, you can buy them nothing. This product is sealed nothingness. There is not a single thing inside, so you were listening but you also made an effort because you did in fact buy something, that is nothing (confusing isn't it). This little ball of nothing is priced at around $6. A small price to pay, and it will hopefully teach her a lesson.

For The Ones Who Want "Nothing" [via girlrobot]