Swarm adds stickers, bringing Mayorship back 'soon'

Last year, Foursquare split itself in two. The actual Foursquare app would soon see itself battling the likes of Yelp, and is now being leaned on by social service like Twitter to provide better context on your location. Swarm would handle the rest; check-ins, more or less. In the divide-and-conquer strategy, Swarm lost much of what many users liked about the original Foursquare. To help bring Swarm back to center, Foursquare is adding a few of those features back.

When Swarm launched, Foursquare's added purpose for the app was to get people meeting up and having fun. Turns out, we don't always want to hang out, but we do want to check in. We also want to be in charge, so Swarm will soon have Foursquare's legacy 'Mayor' feature. The feature isn't ready just yet, but Foursquare says "all your check-ins now will count towards them".

Stickers are also making a comeback. Foursquare says "like with badges, you check in where you go to unlock stickers. But we've taken it up a notch by letting you use (and show off) those hard-earned stickers. Add them to check-ins, photos, or send them in messages."

There are 100 stickers available, and Foursquare says many evolved from old badges.

It's clear Foursquare wants to bring old Foursquare users back with these updates. Whether or not they'll migrate from whatever service they ended up using, only time will tell.

Source: Foursquare