SVP on Android: 120fps Motion smoothing interpolation video for some

The folks behind SVP (Smooth Video Player) have moved beyond their desktop counterparts to release an app on Android. This new app has similar abilities to its predecessor on desktop machines, the most important of which is MEMC. MEMC is Motion Estimation Motion Compensation, a system with which a video captured with a low frame rate can be delivered to the end user with a high frame rate. It's not always pretty, but it is always interesting.

The app SVPlayer (SVP) is made for Android devices with displays that have the ability to deliver frame rates at or above 60fps. Most devices made before the year 2020 do not have the ability to show content at that high a frame rate. It was really the Razer Phone that lead the charge back in 2017 with a 120Hz image refresh rate display, now devices made by all manner of brands come with higher refresh rates than needed for this app to make sense to use.

The first version of SVP for Android has the ability to enable a target frame rate for any locally-hosted video. Some videos can be played streaming from the internet, but services like Netflix and Disney+ do not work. Users will be able to tap 48, 60, 120fps and so forth – and it might even work!

As it is with the desktop version, the Android version is sort-of free. It's free for frame rate conversion for a short period, then that feature will cost you some cash after a "short trial period." The app is up on Google Play now with a recommendation for a Snapdragon 855 (or above) and at least 4GB RAM for optimal use.

You'll also want to take a peek at the open source base for SVP with MPV. Other software that uses MPV include Baka MPlayer, Balss, Deepin Movie, Celluloid, Haruna, IINA, Kawaii-Player, MoonPlayer, Macast, SMPlayer – and a whole bunch of others that are mostly desktop-based.