Survey: 10% of iPhone users 'very likely' to buy Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is still just pictures on a website, but the fervent energy around its release is palpable. Non-tech blogs are discussing it, and the newest addition to the wearable space already has Developers working on the features they can take advantage of. A few weeks ago, we told you about a survey where 10% of people said they'd "definitely buy" the Apple Watch. A new survey backs that number up a bit, but dives a bit deeper into the iOS fan-base.

According to UBS, 10% of iPhone owners are "very likely" going to buy the Apple Watch. In fiscal year 2015 (likely the 'real' fiscal year, not Apple's weird cycle), UBS thinks Apple will move 24 million wearables, too.

It's worth noting UBS sourced 1,864 "smartphone owners" across the US, UK, Italy, and China. They attempted to reach roughly 4,000 people.

Perhaps even more interesting is that the respondents were told nothing of Apple Watch's feature-set, or lack thereof. This is all based on what people know, or what they assume.

The only watch more popular than the Apple Watch? The Samsung Galaxy Gear. 37% of people said they were looking into that one, while only 25% were thinking Apple Watch. Third place was the Sony Smartwatch (6%0, and the Moto 360 was fourth with 2% interested.

Apple is expected to rake in about $3.4 billion in 2015 from the Apple Watch, which will nearly double to $6.2 billion in 2016, according to UBS. By 2018, Apple is expected to bring in a cool $10 billion annually from the Apple Watch.

Via: Fortune