Surveillance Camera Touts 1 Second 36 Million Face Matching

What if you wanted to see who was standing outside your front door and happened to have a library of faces that spanned 36 million or more? How about if you had a camera whose backup computer was able to search through those faces in a matter of micro-seconds? A camera just such as this has been created by Hitachi Kokusai Electric and does claim to be able to look at footage of a person, be it either still or video, and match it up from its own library of 36 million faces in one second.

What you're about to see in a video is this system working in real time. The software shows search results with thumbnail images of the results, each of these results able to display the video or larger image it's tied to. The system works with not just straight-on photos, it's able to detect faces 30 degrees in any direction and can work with still or moving images in real time – just so long as you're able to connect it to your camera. You'll need a 40 pixel image at least, and the video must be the right format at the moment.

Representatives from Hitachi have been vocal about their development of this software as well as their ties to hardware that will work with it. The software works in part by using simple image recognition software combined with algorithms that group people who have similar faces into your search results. The final product is set to be delivered next fiscal year, this meaning that companies who wish to get in on the fun are able to start pre-ordering almost right away. Would you like such software to be utilized by your business?

[via DigiInfo]