Surface sales appear to fall short with first 1.5 million unit prediction

It's not that the Microsoft Surface tablet isn't selling as well as the Windows 8 company predicted, but according to three anonymous sources speaking up this week, they certainly aren't selling all that well. Speaking this week with Bloomberg, these three sources claim to have sales numbers before they're made official to the public. According to them, the company has sold a total of about 1.5 million Surface devices since launch.

With the Surface RT selling just over a million of that total number and the Surface PRO version of the tablet coming in at somewhere around 400,000 in the short time they've been on the market, Microsoft may not be reaching projected numbers. According to these sources, Microsoft had originally ordered about 3 million Surface RT tablets for sale by this time – not quite the same as less than half that amount they're claiming have been sold thus far.

The Surface PRO appears to be doing a bit better in the much shorter time since they've been revealed, but compared to such titans as Apple's iPad, the big M is nowhere close. According to Apple, 22.9 million iPads were sold in the fourth quarter of 2012 alone.

Have a peek at the timeline below which includes our review of both of the Surface devices and decide for yourself if you'll be joining the party. Down there you'll find more information on what Microsoft has been doing to push the Surface family through to the future, along with the full Windows 8 software universe.