Surface RT cut goes global as Microsoft chases sales

After yesterday's discount of the Surface RT becoming official in the US, Microsoft is expanding the price cut globally to various other countries, including the UK and Australia. Microsoft has updated its UK and Australian stores with updated prices for the older Windows tablet to reflect the lower price tag.

Each of these stores now as prices for the entry-level Surface RT at £279 and AU$389, respectively. The US price is at $349 now, which is a $150 drop from its initial price tag of $499. As for the 64GB version, that can be had for just $449, which is also a $150 discount from the original $599 cost.

Prices vary depending on the region, but retailers are also cutting the price down of the aging tablet. Both Best Buy and Staples are discounting the Surface RT, which Staples was the first store to discount the tablet. It's not said whether or not this is a permanent price cut, but Microsoft's website doesn't say otherwise.

The Surface RT hasn't been the most popular tablet, especially with the newer Surface Pro releasing earlier this year. The Pro seemed like Microsoft's efforts to cover up the Surface RT, giving users a full desktop experience with the Surface Pro, but it seems they're still wanting to sell them, considering that numbers have been low for the company.

The price cut could also mean a second-generation Surface tablet is on the way. We've already heard several rumors of a refreshed Surface slate that could be arriving this year, and while it was tipped that we would see it at Microsoft's BUILD conference last month, there's still time for the company to release a second-gen model before the year's end.