Surface Pro 6 goes up against iPad Pro in durability test

JC Torres - Nov 22, 2018, 8:30 pm CST
Surface Pro 6 goes up against iPad Pro in durability test

There is always a price to pay when using thinner materials and devices, in addition to the higher cost of making them as such. Glass breaks more easily and metal bends more willingly. With the new 11-inch iPad Pro having broken so easily in a bend test, it’s only fair that its rival, the Microsoft Surface Pro 6, get the same treatment. Fortunately, JerryRigEverything’s Zack Nelson has a wallet that doesn’t break as easily because that is exactly what he did.

To be fair, the Surface Pro 6 already has immediate advantages. It is larger at 12.3 inches versus the 11 inches that Nelson tested. It’s also 2 mm thicker than the iPad Pro and has a kickstand that kicks rigidity up a notch, no pun intended. More importantly, there doesn’t seem to be any point where Microsoft introduced structural flaws around the edges, also unlike the iPad Pro.

So it’s not exactly surprising that the Surface Pro 6 survives Nelson’s mighty hands without completely breaking. There’s a bit of a flex, admittedly, and some separation of the display from the frame. But all in all, the Surface Pro 6 is a survivor.

However, it does have some other problem, one that could actually be worse than the iPad Pro’s #bendgate. During the scratch test, the Surface Pro 6 cracked more easily than the iPad, though we’re not exactly sure how much force Nelson applied here. In short, it’s not exactly the most resilient screen around.

Unlike with smartphones, the usefulness of JerryRigEverything’s durability tests is less certain for tablets. The chances of you sitting on them or bending them with your hands are lower. And unless you drop your bag from a great height, they might still be safe inside from a few bumps here and there. Just food for thought, really, and perhaps a consideration for getting some added protection for your Surface Pro 6 or, more importantly, for your new iPad Pro.

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