Surface Pro 3 pricing detailed

Chris Davies - May 20, 2014, 11:12am CDT
Surface Pro 3 pricing detailed

Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 3 kicks off at $799, the company has confirmed, with preorders kicking off tomorrow. The entry level model has a Core i3 processor, 64GB of storage, and 4GB of memory; however, there’ll also be Core i5 and Core i7 versions. You can find full pricing – as well as for the new accessories – after the cut.

The entry-level Core i5 Surface Pro 3 will be $999, with 128GB of storage and 4GB of memory. $1,299 will double the storage to 256GB, and the memory to 8GB.

Finally, there’s the Core i7 model. That too will come in two versions, starting at $1,549 for the 256GB version with 8GB of memory. Microsoft will charge a hefty $1,949 for the top-end Surface Pro 3, which has 512GB of solid-state storage and 8GB of memory.


As for accessories, the Surface Pro Type Cover will be $129.99, while the Docking Station will be $199.99. The dock also supports 4K video output, though you’ll obviously need to supply your own Ultra HD display.

An addition Surface Pen will be $49.99, while an additional pen-loop will be $4.99. The Ethernet Adapter will be $39.99, while an extra 36W power supply will be $79.99.

The Surface Pro 2 will begin shipping in the US on June 20th. Outside of the US, it’ll begin to ship from the end of August.

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7 Responses to Surface Pro 3 pricing detailed

  1. And there goes my hope that they would settle for more decent acc-prices. Yeah, it’s common … everybody does that! Well, put yourselfs over the rest!! For me this is a no-buy-thing: I buy a tablet for 800$ and have to add another 300-400$ in accessories? No way!! 129 Keyboard + 199 Dock + 2x 29 VGA&HDMI-adapter = 386$
    These people just don’t to penetrate the market, what is there current share in means of % of tablets/notebooks? My guess is 1-3% each …

    • Yes. I really wonder if they think when they price these items… $800 for a i3 HELL NO!!!! I give props to r&d but still…… Hell nah….. Ill stick with my 14″ touch screen laptop, with i7, and dedicated amd 7680m graphics card that I bought for $850.

  2. Hey Chris there is a small typo at the bottom “The Surface Pro 2 will begin shipping in the US on June 20th.” I think you mean the 3

  3. These things are priced to fail. I hope the retailers have a lot of extra space in their store rooms for these to collect dust.

  4. These devices, replace BOTH an ultrabook, AND a high end tablet. How much would you pay for each of those? How much is a 64Gb iPad? And an ULTRAbook, as well? Less than 10mm’s thick. Who else has that? Touch screen Macbook Air? No such thing. This is something that not even the vaunted Apple has been able to do. It’s worth a premium price. Or nothing is…

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