Surface Pro 3 demoes Photoshop optimized for touch

Michael Gough, Vice President of Experience Design at Adobe took the stage this week at the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 event. There he showed off a new version of Photoshop for Windows 8. This version of Photoshop for Windows 8 was optimized for touch – and made ready for working with the Surface Pro 3 right out of the box.

Repeating the phrase "full power of the PC" several times, Corporate vice president of Surface Computing at Microsoft Panos Panay stood on stage making clear that the Surface Pro 3 wasn't going to be the same delivery vehicle that the previous Surface Pro units were. To demonstrate that fully, Photoshop was needed.

To demonstrate a new era for Photoshop, "touch, mouse, and pen" were necessary. The Surface Pro 3 has all of these things, each ready for action with this next-generation Photoshop.

With this Photoshop optimized for touch you'll notice fully touch-friendly icons, buttons, and an interface that could still very easily be utilized without your finger. Pen input seems flawless from the start, and only the tiniest amount of lag is seen on stage.

NOTE: This lag could be caused by any number of things in this demonstration – we'll have to see what's up when we get our hands on the setup soon.

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