Supposed images of iPod touch 4 screen leak

Yesterday I posted up some photos of what is supposed to be an early case design and a mock up iPod touch 4 device. We couldn't see much on the mockup device other than a design looking like an iPhone 3GS. New images of what is supposed to be the screen for the iPod touch 4 have surfaced at MacRumors.

The pics show a screen that has a hole on front that appears to be for a front facing camera for some FaceTime lovin'. The images were leaked to MacRumors from an iPhone parts supplier.

These images make me question the ones we saw yesterday. The mockup device in the case from yesterday clearly has no hole for a FaceTime camera. That makes me think one of these leaks is wrong. The images of the screen have the Apple stamp and copyright, which MacRumors says it has seen before on legit Apple parts.