Supermandolini’s Floppy Disc coasters

Abby McVay - Feb 29, 2008

Supermandolini has created coasters for geeks. You might be wondering why we geeks need special coasters and the answer is simple. It is merely, because we can, that’s why. These coasters are fashioned after the extremely outdated floppy disk.

I’ve seen other geeky coasters before, some made out of old recycled circuit boards, however, I do believe these are my new favorites. Yes, you could use real floppy disks and it would likely be cheaper, however, they might get a little wobbly after a while. Plus, these are cooler.

The coasters all measure 9cm x 9cm and have a special glossy finish and a foam base to keep your drink perfectly safe and secure. The discs come in sets of six that will set you back just over $40.

[via techdigest]

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