Supercharged Exige S sets sights on US roads

Chris Davies - Sep 27, 2006

Over here in the UK it’s not uncommon to see the odd Lotus Elise and – more rarely – Exige bombing down the motorway or whipping around country lanes.  The constantly evolving sportscar is renowned for having close-to-perfect handling and sweet, sweet driving dynamics, and has a loyal following amongst owners and enthusiasts.  So it always comes as something of a surprise that drivers in the USA are less blessed when it comes to model choice – hence the unbridled excitement of Jalopnik and Autoblog (amongst many) at the news that the hardcore Exige S, the supercharged variant of the coupé, is heading across the Atlantic.

$56,990 (according to an eagle-eyed Lotus lover who espied a dealer’s price sheet) gets you 0 to 60mph in 4.1 seconds, 100mph in 11 and a top speed of 148mph; that’s the benefit of 220bhp, 30 more than the standard Exige.  A six-speed transmission, variable-rev cam switching and Lotus’ trademark pared-down interior come as standard.

Lotus Exige

Jalopnik [via Autoblog]

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